Sunday, September 30, 2007

The biggest spider web ever.

Some of you who read yesterday's post (okay, no one...) may be wondering where Poodle's new friend Henry the Spider suddenly popped up from. Henry was visiting his spider friends at Lake Tawakoni State Park a few weeks ago when Poodle and I ventured out to see the giant spider web that had been in the news. The spider web was HUGE - covering 2 football fields worth of trees. Unfortunately, there had been a storm the night before we went, and most of the webs had been knocked down. Still pretty impressive, though. Poodle was a little concerned that the 2 million or so spiders involved were going to tie him to a tree, but he managed to get away safely. Henry will be moving to the Netherlands in a few months, but but he promises to keep in touch.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Elvis and the Balloons

I've always felt a little sorry for Elvis, having died at the height of the worst fashion disaster in history. Even though Elvis Presley Enterprises has been very helpful lately in supplying us with loads of items depicting 50's and 60's hot -looking Elvis, the iconic image seems to be 70's large, jumpsuited Elvis. Poor guy. Had he lived a few more years maybe he would have ditched the jumpsuits and gone with a slightly better look. It seems the me that the cartoonish 70's look has almost overpowered his singing abilities and accomplishments. I'm afraid that the kids these days are only going to think of him as "that fat guy in the rhinestoned jumpsuit", and that's kind of sad. With that said, let me change gears and confess that I've always been partial to the kitschy goodness that is 70's Elvis, but that's the only Elvis I'm old enough to actually remember. And well, I love kitsch. Sorry, Elvis. What does any of this have to do with Poodle or balloons? It seems that this year's Plano Balloon Festival ( held last weekend) hired Kraig Parker, Grand Prairie's Finest Elvis Impersonator to entertain the crowds on Friday night. Poodle had other plans, so I had to go without him. (Okay, I forgot to put him in the bag...) Anyway, this fellow put some actual effort into his show, and was really pretty good. He had the moves, and sounded right. He even did the whole bit with the scarves. It was fun watching the old ladies in the front get all excited.

Day 2 of the balloon festival found me out before dawn, Poodle in tow, watching the balloons inflate in a valley full of fog. Pretty cool! Poodle got to see his new friend Henry the Spider , and all was done by 9AM. My personal favorite was a balloon shaped like a daisy. Poodle was fond of the Pirate balloon, but didn't really approve of the one shaped like Felix the Cat. Grrrr!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Return You Must!

Episode III : Return of the Poodle

When we last saw our hero, he was being brainwashed by Darth Vader into believing that his true identity was Poodle Deathstar! After a long drawn out battle, the details of which we will likely never know, Poodle was apparently rescued and deprogrammed by Yoda. (Thanks Yoda! ) Equipped with a shoddily made spaceship, Poodle was sent on his way back to Earth. Lacking navigation devices, Poodle sadly missed Roswell NM, (where this type of thing is normal) and touched down in Southeastern Colorado instead. I got the call to come pick him up last weekend.

Poodle seemed lightly stunned from the rough landing, but recovered enough on the way home to pose for a photo in New Mexico before passing out again. Poor Poodle. He loves those volcanos.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poodle Trouble!

Even though Poodle has been kidnapped by the Dark Side, he still can sense when one of his own is in distress... Blue Poodle is in trouble!
icNorthWales - Poodle becomes victim of identity theft

Monday, July 02, 2007

Poodle Deathstar

Episode II : Poodle of Darkness

"Come to me, Poodle, allow me to draw you to the dark side with the scary red tractor beam emitting from my head." Could it be that Poodle has been brainwashed by the Dark Lord of the Sith? Or is it that Poodle's natural red color was a clue to his true identity? His identity as ....Poodle Deathstar!!! Say it isn't so, Poodle! Perhaps this explains why I caught Poodle standing on R2D2's decapitated head last Friday.... Bad Poodle!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Poodle Superstar, Jedi Master

Episode I: In the Mouth of the Droid

Poodle keeps many secrets. This week when I caught him commanding a small army of R2 units across the metroplex it became obvious to me that there was more to Poodle than meets the eye. Use the Force, Master Poodle!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Poodle's Big Irish Spectacular !

Everyone loves St Patrick's Day, and Poodle is no exception. Last year he met a real bagpipe player at the Greenville Avenue St Patrick's Day parade! Poodle was thrilled and barked about it for days. Who knows what this year's parade will bring? Now if he could just get this keg open....